Sale of paraffin emulsion in Kyiv

As part of our company, we allow you to bring fresh and similar material at low prices.

It is given to the homeland to know its stasis in the process of wood, so that a number of successes not only make the process easier, but increase the power of the virobs. In this way, chipboard, OSB and other boards can increase resistance to vology, for which the fluctuations in the swelling and damage to the accuracy of the measurements.

Zavdyaki simple that dry z’єdnanny z water razchiny drіbnі particles of emulsion deeply penetrate the wood’s fibers, without care yaksne pokrittya. Otriman’s smooth shape is easy to brew, quickly saturating your practitioners and glassware. With the addition of paraffin emulsions in the Jeremin company, you increase the quality of the chemicals, and also simplify the process of their preparation. Rich at the time, that from the cut wood on the preparation of the emulsion, the saw was changed. As a result, victoriously become not only better, but better.

Paraffin emulsion allows you to improve your viability during the winter, so you won’t be able to play pipes with material. The latest range of benefits for a low price from the Jeremin company.