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продажа парафина

The sale of paraffin-wax products in Kyiv and Ukrainian regions 

The sale of paraffin and wax products in Kiev

Technical paraffin brand t1

Technical paraffin brand t2 

Technical paraffin brand t3

The sale of wax products is carried out on the territory of Ukraine by company "Jeremin". The elaborate formula is competitive in cost and meets the highest requirements

The petroleum match wax

The food paraffin brand P2

Stearin (Stearic acid)

It is added to the paraffin so that it hardens more when it cools and the candles cast from it are easier to remove from the mold. Also, stearin prevents candles from swimming. For a while, stearin was the main material for making candles, until they learned how to extract paraffin from crude oil.

The technology of package production of roughage covers the use of food paraffin brand P2. Application covers amount of containers associated with the storage and transportation of food or packaged products. Its added to cosmetic set and drugs for medical purposes. The sale of paraffin brand P2 is carry out in any amount in Kiev.


Protective paraffin wax NE-1

Ceresin brand 75

Ceresin 75 is used in the manufacture of plastic masks, wax products and medicines. It is added to the impregnation for anti-corrosion coating or casing and insulation materials.

Candlemass (mixture of paraffin and ceresin)

Petrolatum (mineral waxes - a mixture of paraffin, ceresin and oils)

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You can buy mineral oil in Kiev which provides selective cleaning without additional additives .Its used in mechanical engineering as a hydraulic fluid and lubrication units (at low antioxidant and anticorrosion requirements).



For two decades the company "Jeremin" is successfully operating on the market of high-quality wax in Ukraine. The Sale in Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnieper and other Ukrainian cities provides the production of solid technical paraffin, ceresin and petralatumom and protective paraffin wax NE-1 and candlemass. The wholesale for large customers is possible. Now the sale of paraffin is available to everyone in Kyiv

In fact, the paraffin is a waxy substance of white crystalline forms with molecular weight about 300-450. The viscosity is observed in the molten state. The shape and size of the crystals depend on the release material conditions. For example, the paraffin oil has thin and small crystals. In the case of petroleum distillate material we can obtain the substance with the large crystals. The element’s size is determined by the cooling rate on the basis of the smaller particles from the acceleration of the heat treatment.

The paraffin has a range of saturation or alkanes S18N38 - S35N72. The number of atoms is 9-40 in the normal structure.

Interaction with other elements is unqualified. The oxidation HNO3 occurs in combination with the oxygen. This results in acid and similar vegetable fat. Thus, the wax shows inertia when combined with the majority of the reagents. The process temperature is about 140 degrees.

The Paraffin preparation involves dewaxing and oil exception from feed naphtha. In this case, the ketone solvents are used (aromatic type). If the estimated amount of the hard paraffin is small, the latest doesn’t apply. The raw material is cooled and deformed in a filter press. The last stage is sweating gas.

During the manufacturing make the cleaning (contact, sulfuric acid, hydrogenation and percolation).


As a processing result the wax becomes chlorinated paraffin wax. The application covers the chemical industry as a binder agent. It’s important on drying, impregnation of wood material and manufacture of explosives. The protective coating appeals when its added to aqueous solutions. Production of model compounds and antiozonant’s also provides a paraffin presence in the foundry. In consumer industry it is used in creating candles at home, in churches, on holidays and celebrations. You can buy paraffin in our company on favorable terms.