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Candle wax is used in the candle manufacture and diverse wax alloys.

By certain techniques it allows not only create decorative candles "from scratch", but also to increase the expiration date of the already existing candles.

The stearin is added to the candle wax composition that destruction of the materials doesn’t occurs in the  process of extracting  molded shapes from the forms. In the molten state, the element has a low level of viscosity that causes the usability. The melting temperature is about 55-65 degrees. The appearance is represented as white crystalline mass with possible shades of gray and yellow.

 Candle wax is also used in the radio to create a lacquer coating with the properties of moisture protection and health care facilities for the production of specialized equipment. This material is harmless and insoluble in water solutions without any oil or oil-based. If candle wax is added to gasoline the lifetime of a particular mechanical unit increases

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