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Technical paraffin brand T-2

The strong petroleum paraffin

GOST 23683-89

Standard index of quality

Стандартные показатели качества

Melting point; not lower than 52,0
Oil mass fraction; not more than 0,80
Color; no more than 4
Smell absence
The content of benzapilene absence
A sulfur mass fraction absence
A water mass fraction absence
A mechanical impurities mass fraction absence
A phenol content absence
The content of water-soluble acids and alkalis absence

Technical paraffin brand T-2 Technical paraffin brand T-2

Packing: bags 20 kg 

Appearance: the crystalline white mass or mass with shades 

Application: for waterproof impregnation in the manufacture of containers and packing materials, in the manufacture of candles, crayons, household chemicals, for insulation, dressing textiles and rust protection.

Since Paraffin P-2 is a part of the wax so it is actively used for candles’ manufacturing. In the packing material the application is aimed at increasing the use of elastic properties, as well as avoiding the structure destruction at low and high temperature. The melting temperature is about 52 degrees. 

Another important area of P-2 application is coatings. They are used for tank’s colouration, cans and other containers destined for transporting organic materials. Outwardly, this material is distinguished by white translucent crystal base and has no odor. There is also no taste and reaction with numerous chemical compounds. A positive aspect is the absence of all kinds of solids, as well as alkalis and acids. The application in the food and cosmetic industries is stipulated by absolute humans’ safety. 

We can also find application in the medical industry as various products and supplements. This material is not water-soluble (with the solvents’ addition only). 

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