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The sale of paraffin and waxing products in Kiev and Ukrainian regions

Technical paraffin brand Т-1

The strong petroleum Т-1 paraffin

GOST 23683-89

Standard index of quality

Melting point; ° C 52,0 - 58,0
Oil content; not more than 1,80
Color, marks; not more than 11
The content of mechanical impurities absence
The content of water-soluble acids and alkalis absence

Packing: bags 20 kg 

Appearance: the crystalline white mass or mass with shades 


for waterproof impregnation in the manufacture of containers and packing materials, in the manufacture of candles, crayons, household chemicals, for insulation, dressing textiles and rust protection.


Guarantee shelf life - 2 years from the date of manufacture.

You can buy T-1 paraffin brand in Kiev in our company "Mercury".

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