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Ceresin M-75

Ceresin M-75


Synonyms names: ceresin

Product name: ceresin, ceresin wax

GOST: 2488-79

Chemical formula: a mixture of saturated hydrocarbon’s  composition C36-C55

CAS: 8001-75-0




The indicator’s name

Standards according to GOST М-70

Standards according to GOST М-75

Standards according to GOST  80Н

  1. Appearance

The homogeneous mass without visible foreign inclusions from light yellow to dark yellow

2. Dropping Point °С




3. Penetration of 0.1 mm, not more than 18




4. Mass fraction of mechanical impurities,%, not more than 0.02




  1. The water mass fraction


6. Ash content,%, not more than 0.02




7. Acid number, per 1 g of ceresine, not more than 0.06




8. The content of water-soluble acids and alkalis


9. Colour, units of CNT, not more than 5







  • in the manufacture of rubber products as plasticizer
  • in the shoe polish manufacture
  • in the production of candles
  • in the perfume industry
  • in the emulsion preparation for impregnating fabrics, in the leather industry
  • in papermaking
  • in polymers die casting
  • in the production of plastic greases
  • in the manufacture of corrosion resistant materials and coatings
  • as the electrically insulating material
  • in the sensor of heating controllers combustion engine


Packing: Metal drums plate

Storage: On the esplanade or enclosed areas under a canopy excluding moisture.

Severity level: level 4

Ceresin M-75

Упаковка: металлические барабаны, пластины.
Хранение: на открытых площадках под навесом и на закрытых площадках, исключая попадание влаги.
Класс опасности: 4 класс